About Cascades Culinary

Cascades Culinary is the retail arm of the Concord School of Culinary Arts, the home of a rich heritage of cookery tradition. We are the culinary wing of Concord Institute for Integral Studies, a registered charity dedicated to holistic health and transformational education programmes since 1976.

We believe that we are what we eat; that organic, seasonal, homecooked meals contributes to vitality, ongoing health and is often the centre piece of community.

Concord School of Culinary Arts is a wholefoods cooking class provider, caterer for events, and through our retail arm Cascades Culinary we sell speciality ingredients, essential cookware and beautiful tableware for people interested to learn the basics, deepen their passion for wholefoods, and even train to become professional chefs.

For over 40 years we have been dedicated to sharing training in wholefoods cooking, macrobiotic education and encouraging us all to have fun and just engage with our kitchens to prepare simple seasonal dishes that support our health. In 1976 The Community Health Foundation was created as a centre for macrobiotic culinary and health training. It was a centre for new teachings around health and wellbeing and gave birth to many new businesses still known today. Today the CHF is known as The Concord Institute. They provide transformational self awareness courses that have us fundamentally re-assess our lives and health and wellbeing. They take a holistic approach to health by reviewing the psychology of being as well as bodywork practices and cooking practices that support full health. The Concord School of Culinary Arts is the division that delivers the culinary training, drawing on decades of experience. 

Our mission is to empower people with knowledge and skills to transform their lives by giving them tools to listen to their needs and cook appropriately for what’s right for them. A simple fresh new dish learned can transform our home cooking experience!

Our teaching chefs, we are proud to say, are among the best wholefoods chefs in the world. Their resourcefulness and ingenuity in unlocking the extraordinary potential and flavours of wholefoods is truly inspiring.

Cooking class

Chef Jean Torné and Nicholas Allan run seasonal classes for all levels throughout the year both online and in person at our teaching kitchen in Finsbury Park, north London. Jean has over 40 years of macrobiotic and wholefood culinary training and is the inspirational trainer in chief. Nicholas teaches and caters for Concord and runs a vegetarian café in Stroud as well! We also welcome guest culinary teachers for special events throughout the year.

Cascades Culinary is the retail arm of the Concord School of Culinary Arts. We offer for sale a wide range of specialist wholefoods products with a focus on organic ingredients, refined sugar-free options, essential Japanese ingredients that supercharge our cooking, and a range of great quality cookware pots, pans and utensils that we thoroughly recommend to unlock and grow your culinary potential.

We are fortunate to have been passed the wealth of knowledge we’ve acquired over the decades. We feel it should be accessible to all and our goal is to have it cascade to as many people as possible.

Welcome to Cascades Culinary from The Concord School of Culinary Arts, where the gifts of food, tradition, and community combine. A world of wholefoods awaits, we look forward to meeting you.

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