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The Concord School of Culinary Arts has been offering cookery training for over 40 years! Our current offering includes simple & fun drop-in evening one pot meals, full day wholefoods workshops and a weekend intensive training for a full immersion in seasonal wholefoods as well as fun and creative workshops on bread, chocolate and pickle making! Much more to come! Our intention is simply to share the wonderful benefits of wholefoods, and the difference that cooking them can make to our lives.

Our little shop shelves have made essential products and cookware available for participants of our classes since last year. We are now delighted to introduce Cascades Culinary, the newly named retail arm of The Concord School of Culinary Arts. Our new website, launches on 20th November! It hosts our shop, making available for delivery direct to your door an expanded range of essential wholefood ingredients, cookware & books. By early 2024 you will also be able to purchase cooking classes from Concord School of Culinary Arts on offer from our expanding roster of talented teachers. 

Cascades Culinary is named after the energy of moving water ever flowing, carving its path. We intend to cascade culinary wisdom to the many. Our legacy of health training goes back to George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi through Bill Tara and a host of macrobiotic and modern chefs. At each stage the love of health, of food, of teaching has been passed from person to person, cascading in a dynamic arc.

The Concord community is spread very much across the country (and indeed around the world). So with the launch of Cascades Culinary we are excited to reach all of you with this way of supporting the growth and emergence of the culinary school and the wider work of the Concord Institute. As part of the launch for we are pleased to offer a 10% discount on all full price items in a one-time offer till the end of November. Use the code CASCADESLAUNCH at the checkout. UK delivery only at this time.

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