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  • Kuhn Rikon “Peak” Frying Pan 20cm
  • Kuhn Rikon “Peak” Frying Pan 24cm
  • Flame Diffuser
  • Magic Cooker Lid

This cookware bundle will really transform your cooking. The “Peak” range from Kuhn Rikon is among the best Kuhn Rikon pans we have trialed. Their dappled finish allows for non-stick cooking with ease. The 20cm small pan and 24cm larger pan give you all the range you might need. Nothing changes cooking like a great quality frying pan, these will do the trick! A flame diffuser will allow perfect mastery of the pressure cooker and is also perfect for toasting seeds and nuts and keeping pots gently simmering. The “Magic Cooker” lids are truly extraordinary, recycling moisture to give a fabulous steaming effect and making the perfect environment for caramelising vegetables and slow cooking, we thoroughly recommend these lids.


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