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  • Suri-bachi 18cm
  • Santoku Vegetable Knife
  • Flame Diffuser
  • Magic Cooker Lid

A suri-bachi is an excellent tool for grinding seeds and spices in a non mechanical fashion. Let the aroma of your spices waft about you as you grind to a perfect consistency. These Terra-Sana bowls are the classic Japanese made brand loved by wholefood chefs worldwide. The Santoku vegetable knife from Kuhn Rikon is a great all round vegetable cutter with a great quality blade, it should last many years. A flame diffuser will allow perfect mastery of the pressure cooker and is also perfect for toasting seeds and nuts, and keeping pots gently simmering. The “Magic Cooker” lids are truly extraordinary, recycling moisture to give fabulous steaming effect and making the perfect environment for caramelising vegetables and slow cooking, we thoroughly recommend these lids."


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