Green Pea Risotto with Mint & Lemon – 24th June (Monday Night Cooking)



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Risotto: a classic we have all come familiar with. Yet is still remains a challenge to cooks a truly delicious ‘savoury rice porridge’ (which in essence is what it is). Here we honour the alive energy of wholegrain risotto rice to celebrate the first arrival of garden peas actually in season! Marry this with zingy lemon and soothing, magical fresh mint, a generous drizzle of Italian extra virgin olive oil, to create a risotto that has us happy to be alive!


All our Monday Night Cooking classes are relaxed and fun and are at our teaching kitchen near Finsbury Park, a stone’s throw from Seven Sisters Road. We want people to get into the kitchen, learn some tips & techniques, and experience the magic of wholefoods at home. At Concord Culinary School we believe we are what we eat, that good culinary skills can make a difference in our wellbeing and lives. Come to our culinary home and find inspiration and peace in the kitchen. Following confirmation of your booking you will receive an email with details of the class, and you can inform the team of any special dietary needs you have.





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