Hearty Miso Soup – 16th September (Monday Night Cooking)



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As we head into autumn and winter, mastering the hearty miso soup is a must for nourishing our health. Forget the watery miso soups from your local Japanese restaurant, this hearty miso soup will be earthy, nourishing, healing as well as abundant with rich toppings that make you feel like you have a different flavour in each mouthful. You will learn the basic components of the miso soup so you can quickly and easily make your own at home and no longer reach for the instant-miso packet, even when time pressed! You will prepare a rich miso soup with assorted vegetable and protein toppings, with optional fish and seaweed elements to garnish the dish. Come learn some tips behind an umami packed soup that will keep the doctor at bay!

All our Monday Night Cooking classes are relaxed and fun and are at our teaching kitchen near Finsbury Park, a stone’s throw from Seven Sisters Road. We want people to get into the kitchen, learn some tips & techniques, and experience the magic of wholefoods at home. At Concord Culinary School we believe we are what we eat, that good culinary skills can make a difference in our wellbeing and lives. Come to our culinary home and find inspiration and peace in the kitchen. Following confirmation of your booking you will receive an email with details of the class, and you can inform the team of any special dietary needs you have.


Course location: Concord Institute, 2-4 Thane Works, Thane Villas, N77NU

Course Date: Monday 16th September 7pm-9pm


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