Cascades Culinary is the retail arm of the Concord School of Culinary Arts. Here you can purchase your pantry essentials and wholefood ingredients as well as good quality cookware so you can unleash your cooking potential at home. We aim to inspire and educate about the wonders and benefits of nourishing seasonal wholefood cooking and how it can transform your life.
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Our Key Suppliers

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Kuhn Rikon
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Our Mission


Our mission is simple: to have you inspired and joyful in your own kitchen. We are here to cascade our collective acquired knowledge in wholefoods cooking gathered from our rich heritage tracing all the way back to Michio Kuchi.

With this unique context we offer cooking programmes and products that will make a difference to your experience with food while accounting for the pressures of modern life. We want to give you a comprehensive toolkit for wholefood cooking that works for you.



“I have had the opportunity to be present in the kitchen during many cooking classes and what I am always present to is the amazing energy, love and nourishment which is part of cooking a meal as part of our community”

Emma Prout

“I love the way Cascades curates the best quality food and snacks. It saves me time having to research everything I’m buying as I’m safe in the knowledge that the research has already been done and that the food I’m buying has integrity and also tastes good. “

Phillipa James

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